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Different results of finding on radio button in FileMaker

Question asked by liyangao on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by liyangao

We observed something wierd with the finding result in FileMaker 12. In our database, one text field is formated as radio button list with the value list of "1 = Yes" and "2 = No". Data were entered through the layout with the radio button. When we did a search on the radio button of "1 = Yes", the result window pops up and said that "No records match this find criteria." When we added the edit box of the same variable back to the layout, we find that we can find the records with "1" or "Yes" or "1=Yes" but not with "1 = Yes". It seems that the space in the value list was the reason for generating those wierd result.


When I tried the quick find, entering "1=yes" and "1 = Yes" gave different results. In quick find, In quick find, entering "2=No" and "2 = No" gave different wrong results. This is really confusing to me.


Have anyone experience this before? Would you please shed some lights on what is happending here?

Thank a lot for your responses!