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Is 12.04 advance & Server update ready to be installed on Macs with OS X.6 Snow Leopard?

Question asked by user18988 on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by Stephen Huston

One of the issues I saw in the past months was that the 12.04 advance & Server update could not be installed in Macs with OS X.6 Snow Leopard due to Java 7 incompatibility.


Today I receive another announcement of the update and after reading it several times there's no Java 7 requirement or Mac OS 6 Snow Leopard advice. It only mention that Snow Leopard is going to be deprecated in future versions.


What is the final word. Can I upgrade my FM 12 Advance and Server running under Mac OS X.6.8 to FM 12.0v4 even if it they are running Java 6?