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    IWP Time Out Error Message ?


      After 60 minutes, our FileMaker 11 Instant Web Publishing users freak out, because they get a large evil looking error dialog stating they have "timed out, etc."


      Is there any way to suppress this dialog, and just return to the login page ?


      this is what most web sites do



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          Certainly the best practice would be to train users to log themselves out when their work is complete, negating the need for them to hit a 60 minute timout limit.


          In terms of any sort of customization to the built in IWP login/logout/timout, I'm not sure it's possible, you'd probably need to move to CWP and have a much more robust web side.


          What are you hosting this on? I think filemaker server advanced has the most allowances in terms of controlling IWP connections.