Facial Recognition

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Hello All,


I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to use facial recognition with filemaker as a log-in function?


What I have is a studioshop on campus where students come in and out to use the woodshop and laser cutters. The request from the staff is can we use the built in isight camera built into an iMac to control the log in via recognition? For example a student comes up to the machine/ wakes it up/ Filemaker is running, they stand in front of the camera, it recognizes them from a file on hand and logs them in and allows entry into the shop.


I've used Keylemon's software for the Mac OS login but I've checked with them on if it can be ported to Filemaker, and so far it cannot.


If anyone has attempted this or has thoughts I'd love to hear from ya.


Cheers, and thanks for the time,


Jeremy Smith

AAA Art Support

University of Oregon