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Remove Single Value From List

Question asked by jsorge on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by DrewTenenholz

I'm trying to figure out a way to remove a single value froma list without having a hole in the middle. Here's an example:


Let ( [


_list = List ( "CA4B24A9-F232-4296-9AE5-AE9EC6FCEAF4"; "AD6AAF4D-AD1F-40F6-BE0A-AE6922382FA0"; "6A051084-3D44-48FA-BFC2-78390A7BAE58"; "3BB29EDC-2B61-41EC-A785-CD8264585B19" );

_rem = Substitute ( _list ; "6A051084-3D44-48FA-BFC2-78390A7BAE58" ; "" )


] ;






When you evaluate the calc above, you'll get:




I'm hoping that there's a way I can treat the list more like an array, and pop out one of the values. Thus shrinking my value count from 4 to 3. Is this doable? I've tried putting the ¶ character on the end of the substitute string, but that won't account for the last value in the list.


Thanks for any advice!