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    OSX 10.8.3 and FMS 11 and "Cussin'"




      Client just bought a new Mac Mini - came with OSX 10.8.3 insstalled.

      Ran their FMServer 11.02 installer.

      Installed but would not load - at least could not get admin app to run.

      Found out that I needed to install FMS 11.0.5 (tx to FMI for making fiull install available).

      Installed it - after some "must update Java" interludes.

      From the Start page at "localhost:16000" has to "click here if the Admin Console did not launch automatically".

      It did not and clicking "here" did nothing.

      Suggestion that I try the command line.

      Dug out the HELP(?) file.

      It suggests this: "fmsadmin start -y -u admin -p pword" - made appropriate substitutions and get a page explaining usage instead of anything I would find useful - the command does not execute. Is there something missing from HELP? The user account is an admin account

      I am not a command line person - I avoided computers until a nice GUI was available.

      What have I missed?


      How on earth can I get this install to work? Are there "evil" version of Java I should avoid? The Java update installed V7 Update 21.


      I think the last time I ever had command line "luck" was 5 or 5.5 running on Linux.





      ...on the other hand it seems as though winter may have ended up here in Canada.