Big OOPS: Modal Window opened without Close box - can't quit

Discussion created by lmconsulting on Apr 25, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by gcatnine

The Problem: I executed a script that opened a new modal window with all of the window controls disabled (even close window). The script was supposed to close the window on exit, but it didn't work and I had already included Allow User Abort [off] in the script. Fortunately, the script did exit normally. At that point I couldn't close anything - not even FMP. I couldn't access Manage Scripts... I was thinking that my only option was to use the Windows Task Manager to force-close the FMP task. Then I discovered a way out of the catch-22...


The Solution: Fortunately, using FMP Advanced 12, the Script Debugger was still available (almost everything else was grayed out). I changed the layout in my active modal window to one that has other scripts I could trigger. I triggered one and used Script Debugger to stop the action, so I could edit it. I simply added Close Window [current window] script step to close the modal window. That did the trick. By triggering the script, I was able to close the modal window that had no close box and regain full control without resorting to crashing FMP. What a relief!