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    Google Music via XML exports


      I have a client who needs to upload their artists' songs and albums to Google Music, which is done via Google's XML specifications. I would love to find for them someone who has experience with the Google Music "api" but, short of that, it would be good to find someone with strong XML assembly experience, good with complex logic and business rules, and (importantly) available to jump into this immediately.


      If this might be you, please contact me back-channel (howard@fmprosolutions.com).



      Howard Schlossberg

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          Couldn't hurt to crosspost this to filemakerjobboard.com and elance.com, or other freelance sites to try and find some help.


          Since the google play desktop utility automatically monitors/uploads from designated folders, couldn't you just dump a container field's music file to that specified directory when ready for upload? Seems like a far simpler way to handle one way uploads, and saves a local copy as well (just in case).


          The only caveat I see with that is making sure your embedded file tags (IE ID3 tags) have all the info they need for google. But if it's a music production house, they should be tagging their files in production anyways.

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            I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the UI you're referring to to upload songs from a designated folder.  Perhaps that refers to upload of songs for personal use?


            Nonetheless, I am quite certain this wouldn't work for what needs to happen for a record label that needs to make songs available for sale.  Google is very clear on a strict format of their XML, required tags (prices, currencies, licensing terms, etc) and required folder structure hierarchy for data and media (audio, album art, etc) for each song and/or collection/album.


            I've already been in direct contact with a couple XML experts in the FileMaker development community, who should be able to accommodate the client's needs.



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              ah yes, I'm referring to the client-side software. I wasn't really thinking about the "need to sell music" side of things, as I only use play as an online mirror of my music that's accessible via my browser as a streaming player. I've never actually purchased anything from it.