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    Recommendation needed Credit Card Processing Plugin


      Hello all,


      Always good to hear others' experiences.


      Do we have a recommendable solution (plugin + swiper) that allows my team with Internet access on iPads with FMGo to swipe a credit card for their payment option, bounce back from the Gateway account and give Go solution the results?


      Thank you!!


      Laura Z.

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          Hi Laura,


          I doubt you are going to find a 3rd party iOS application that will process cc transactions and let you send the result back to FM Go. There are a few like Square but due to PCI compliance I'm sure they are locked down.


          You will need to come up with a way to run transactions from FileMaker. There are a few methods. I have one, sorry for the plug, CCQ-FM. It works without any plugins and is PCI Certified.Another option is to use a web page, linked to your FM db to process transactions.


          Unlike the desktop where you can plug in a USB mag stripe reader and it acts like a keyboard extension you can't to that on iOS.

          The mag stripe reader needs to be programmed to a specific program.  We created CardSwipe to solve this problem.


          You can read about both at www.ccq-fm.com


          John Morina

          PSI, Inc.

          CCQ-FM, Inc.

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            Benjamin Fehr

            Hi Laura


            This might lead into the right direction. I use a iApp as a middleware to controll and read the swipe-reader to get the Card-N° into FMGo. The iApp get's prompted by a open-URL task in FMGo, the iApp set's a Vars that can be pasted into FMGo field.

            There should be iApps which also deal the transaction-request with the payment-service.

            Also check solutions like GoPayment




            Good luck