Error 10502 IP Address is invalid or inaccessible

Discussion created by lylacinc on Apr 26, 2013
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I have a client who is using FileMaker Server Advanced 11. They did the install and the gentleman who installed is no longer working there. No updates were done since the original installation. Recently the server stopped running backups and other server scripts. They asked me to update the server software to v5 update.


I cleared the java cache and installed the latest version, ran the updater. Admin console wouldn't start so I rolled back to Java 6 v 34 and admin console started but the database server would not start. I tried starting it under admin console but it just hung. I then tried a command line fmadmin restart server and it returned "IP Address is invalid or inaccessible error 10502"


I am using remote desktop to connect to their server so I can only assume that the IP address is valid, as it references that IP address in the error message.


Any assistance, clues, well wishes, etc. is/are greatly appreciated!!