Portal with Many to Many problem

Discussion created by rsheptak on Apr 26, 2013
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I have a database with a many to many relationship between Phrases and Words using a mapping table that only has the ID field from each table. I set up a portal on the Phrases so the user can enter each of the words used in the phrase. Word contains a calculated field that jams together data from various fields in word into a string, and that's the value I actually want to display, so I created a value list that is comprised of dict_id field from word, and the display field, but is set to only show the display field. The portal field on the Phrases form has the dict_id field from the mapping table set as a drop down list. In Filemaker 11 I could superimpose an edit field on top of it and have that value displayed, rather than just the ID field for each record in the portal. In Filemaker 12v3 on MacOS that no longer appears to work. The first record in the portal displays the edit field result, but subsequent records added to the portal only display the ID.


Is there a Filemaker 12 approved way of accomplishing this? Thanks for any suggestions.