Button Clicked Event Challenge

Discussion created by FileKraft on Apr 27, 2013
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hello there,

is there a way that i can check that a button has been clicked?


the button clicked starts exeution of triggers and then its attached script.


i named the button as an object but i don't see an attribute to check for a button has been clicked event to make all triggers evoked by the button's click aware of the button's click.


i tried to set a flag in the button's attached script's script-parameter which unfortunately only evalutes when the script execution stack starts to execute the button's script.


the challenge i am facing is trying to branch triggers which fire if you are in a field if a specific button has been clicked.

unfortunately i don't see a way to look ahead in the execution stack in the script debugger.


so all cascading triggers fire and they should just skip execution if a button has been clicked.

is there a way to do this.


thanx for any input.