Need help changing to Active Directory

Discussion created by MacUT on Apr 27, 2013
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The IT department wants to change security from Filemaker authentication to Active Directory using Server Advanced 11 and then to 12. I believe I have figured out how to do that but the problem I have now is with Get(AccountName). In the 29 databases that I have created over the years my account names are full names for example Joe Smith. The active directory name will be jsmith. This presents a big problem for me. I no longer can get the first name of the logged on user using get(AccountName). Get(AccountName) will just give jsmith. I use the Get(AccountName) in hundreds of places in fields and scripts and make many decisions based on the first name as well as the full name.


Does anyone know a way to solve this problem. I could have a related database with the Full names of all the users but how would I change all the scripts and field definitions to replace the Get(AccountName) with the related name without doing each one manually. Is there some tool that would do a search and replace in fields and scripts? Another thought is there any way to get Active Directory to send the full name to filemaker when one uses get(AccountName)?


If anyone has any ideas on this I sure would be appreciative.




Brian Garman