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Web Viewer Reload

Question asked by DanielShanahan on Apr 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by Tigeen

I have a web viewer which shows a calendar day based on the field GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g. This is the calculation:


Let (

_today = Year ( GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g ) & "-" &

Right ( 0 & Month ( GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g ) ; 2 ) & "-" &

Right ( 0 & Day ( GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g ) ; 2 ) ;


""& _today & ",mode=unit"


) // end Let



I have a portal where the user can click a button to change GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g. The script attempts to refresh the web view but is unsuccessful. The web viewer object is named. I'm using Set Web Viewer script step. I used the action Reset, Reload, and Go to URL (with the same calculation as above). None of these refrehes the web viewer. However, if I click out of the portal and then go back into the portal and click the button, the web viewer refreshes. Thinking this was a commit issue, I first commited the record at the start of the script but that didn't work. I also tried various commits after I set the global field, after I set the web viewer, and all combinations thereof.


Attaching a video clip to demonstrate. The method in the video is Go to URL.


Anyone know how I can refresh the web viewer object without first clicking outside the portal?