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    Web Viewer Reload


      I have a web viewer which shows a calendar day based on the field GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g. This is the calculation:


      Let (

      _today = Year ( GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g ) & "-" &

      Right ( 0 & Month ( GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g ) ; 2 ) & "-" &

      Right ( 0 & Day ( GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g ) ; 2 ) ;


      ""& _today & ",mode=unit"


      ) // end Let



      I have a portal where the user can click a button to change GLOBAL::scheduleDate_g. The script attempts to refresh the web view but is unsuccessful. The web viewer object is named. I'm using Set Web Viewer script step. I used the action Reset, Reload, and Go to URL (with the same calculation as above). None of these refrehes the web viewer. However, if I click out of the portal and then go back into the portal and click the button, the web viewer refreshes. Thinking this was a commit issue, I first commited the record at the start of the script but that didn't work. I also tried various commits after I set the global field, after I set the web viewer, and all combinations thereof.


      Attaching a video clip to demonstrate. The method in the video is Go to URL.


      Anyone know how I can refresh the web viewer object without first clicking outside the portal?

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          Since it appears that going out of the portal and back in gets the calendar to update,  Is it possible to have the script , use go to Object to go out to an object outside of the portal then return to the correct row in the portal.  Then finally update the value of the field?  This may simulate the click outside of the portal and update your calendar.


          Admittedly this is a kludge,  but it shouldn't be much of performance hit if it works.



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            Thanks Bruce.  I gave that a try but no luck.  I also tried Go to Field, without any luck.  I then tried Go to Object without a named object.  No luck.  I then tried Go to Record Next followed immediately by Go to Record Previous.  No luck.


            And more...

            I also tried Set Web Viewer - Reload, Reset, URL - all three in tandem and combinations fo two.  No luck.

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              The solution my be .

              See <http://fmdiff.com/fm/curlpost.html> for an example.


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                Hi Daniel - what about adding another step to the calculation such as ...


                If (not IsEmpty (Refresher) ;


                Let ( ... and so on


                Then within your script to refresh the webviewer, set a new value in the "Refresher" field belonging to the layout table occurrence.  This might help to force refresh both the portal and webviewer calculation.  Try creating the "Refresher" field as a non-global text field first. 

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                  I tried this and found that I had to set both the web address in the webviewer and the web address  in the script step to the global field.  In my test script I first put the URL into a global variable then used set field to update the global field.  When I did this web viewer updated.


                  My web addresses were simple.  I had the script toggle from http://www.filemaker.com to http://www.google.com


                  So my script looked like this


                  Set Variable [ $$waddress; Value: Let($$ct = $$ct + 1; If(Mod($$ct;2) = 0; "http://www.google.com"; "http://www.filemaker.com" ))]

                  Set Field[test::wurl;$$waddress]

                  Set Web Viewe [Object Name: "wobj"; URL: test::wurl]




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                    Thanks all.  I found that on Windows it does work with a single click and on Mac (Lion) I need to double click.  Not sure why the inconsistency, but that's how it works.

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                      Sorry for opening such an old thread, but I have been looking for information on a webviewer issue when I came to see your post.


                      The double click isn't really a double click.

                      In fact, the first click sets the focus to the webviewer object, and the second click becomes a normal click in the page.


                      This is only the cas on Mac (even new versions like OS Sierre 10.12.3) with FileMaker Pro 14...

                      It is not the case on windows.


                      Also, it is not always the case...

                      It may depend how the click is triggered in the webpage, but I have not taked time to identify the source of this inconsistency between Windows and Mac versions of FileMaker.


                      Another wonderfully horrible inconsistency between both platforms is how the FileMaker zoom in handled...

                      One zooms the content of the webviewer while the other one just shows the content at 100% zoom.