Still development FMSA problem....

Discussion created by fmpros on Apr 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by sporobolus

I've setup the FMSA development version on my iMac (latest OS) and loaded my two development files by the book. Everything works fine. Then I use my Windows 8 PC in the living room (so I can watch movies and REALLY concentrate on programming) and log onto the server to continue working on the files. I can open the admin console remotely, access the files, open them, even make changes to the schema or layouts, scripts, etc. but when running scripts they fail with a message that the file can't be modified.


I've loaded the files on Windows and Mac and checked the properties, everything is Read/Write. All sharing is turned on properly. All account privileges are set properly... etc., etc.


But it still won't let me modify data. Any thoughts?