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Best speed optimization strategy

Question asked by mikem on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by taylorsharpe

Hi Forum,


I am working with a complex inherited database that I am trying to optimize for speed, especially via remote connections. 20 fp7 files hosted on FMS 11. There are a few areas I've identified for improvement, and I thought I'd seek forum feedback from FM veterans on what might be the best prioritization of actions. Disk space is not an issue. Actions I am planning:


- Purge redundant External Data Sources. I have some files that, under External Data Sources, list the same File data source 2 or more times. Is there any reason to do so? Planning to purge the redundant ones.


- Store all unstored calculation fields (majority are unstored, and there are many)


- Purge redundant Relationships Graph. I have some very complex/redundant relationship graphs. I think the modus operandi by past developers (there may have been many over the years) may have been, "if you need a relationship, just create it, don't worry about what is already there." So I plan to identify redundancies and purge.


- Index all fields that can be indexed (most already are)


- Purge unused fields (I think there are a few)


- Purge unused layouts


- I don't think there is any conditional formatting


So, I have actually listed these actions in the priority order I am thinking will provide the best bang for the buck (aka hour spent). Does this look about right?

FYI, I have already moved the files on the server to a local SSD, which did help some.


Much thanks for any guidance,