Getting Location data with External GPS

Discussion created by mark.stuller on Apr 30, 2013
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Hi all


We have been using Go with the older, FileMakerGo 11 technique to get GPS data ( thanks Chad!) but with the Geo functions of Go12 we've switched. Well, we want to switch even if the old technique still works - it likely does I haven't tried it yet.


But...we are struggling with one issue. The users in our case have been carrying an external, bluetooth GPS because of it's higher accuracy. But the Go12 Locations functions do not SEEM to access these readings. They seem to only use the iPhone's internal GPS readings and so we end up with much less accuracy lat/long/accuracy readings. We know this because the external GPS has an app that returns a different reading as well as reporting high accuracy while the Go12 Location function report crazy (like 5000m!) accuracy.


Thoughts from the community? from Filemaker?


Thanks, Mark