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    How "crippled" is an exe made by FM Pro 11 advanced




      I have read a lot in this forum and many other forums and websites... however, I am so very undecided about what to do..


      I am looking for your opinion on how you would market a very comprehensive, well tested template:


      I have developped, over the last 2 years, a powerful business to business sales/CRM/warehouse/invoicing template for rental companies with some very sophisticated features. Of course, as so many other FM Projects, this was a custom app development project for a startup and they love it and use it 90 percent of their time. The USP is that B2B businesses can speed up their sales tremendously.


      - I know that this is kind of an European niche application, but niche apps can do well because often there is no other good solution at hand.

      - I play with the thought of converting this to an exe with FM pro 11 Advanced. However, I use (need) PDF output and thumbnails creation (via apple script for mac and via imagemagic for PC)... 

      - Another possibility would be to give the whole filemaker solution to an developper and tell him or her to copy all ideas 1:1 and create a web-enable application (EXPENSIVE)

      - And last but not least, I could try to sell the template as is to a FM-loving company that also is in the rental business. (already sounds like a bad idea)


      To be honest, i currently think it would make most sense to try to produce an exe file with FM Pro 11 Advanced and keep the system to a "stand-alone" non-networked level. However, who needs software that does not network in the times of the cloud...?


      I am really insecure with this and hope to get a feeling for all this by listening to your opinions and experiences.


      Thanks for any feedback







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          If it's very comprehensive and well tested, then I don't see any reason you can't market it as a standalone file, as long as you can work around some of the limitations the compiled runtimes have.


          A better solution would be to actually get an SBA license, and roll the $100/license cost of filemaker into the cost of selling it to people. That way you could unleash all the features, and still lock down what you need to. Although you'd probably want to upgrade to v.12 instead of sticking with 11 long-term. The SBA and FBA programs give you good contacts with Filemaker as well.


          Another solution would be to deploy your solution in a SAAS environment, where your clients log in to filemaker "terminals" that are set to auto-run your solution on-login. I know worldcloud.com provides this service.


          Lastly, as you suggested, a web version could be a good way to go, but possibly expensive. You might want to wait a bit to see what plans Filemaker has for improving IWP, they might make some announcements at Devcon coming up in a few months. There might be a viable option for you to deploy filemaker web publishing after you convert your solution up.


          Honestly without knowing / seeing your product, any of the above methods have both ups and downs.