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    [ANN] GoMaps


      Editable, Multi-Point Maps for your FileMaker Go Solutions


      Display found sets of records in an interactive map with GoMaps. Easly configurable, GoMaps has sync built-in so you can sync it with your own hosted solution, getting a head start on making your own synced FMGo files. Watch a video of GoMaps in action.


      GoMaps is completely unlocked for you to modify, extend, and use as the basis for your own mobile solutions.




      Built-In Sync


      GoMaps is already wired to work offline with GoZync so you can use your data without having to be logged in to your FileMaker® Server.


      (GoZync is a framework for adding scriptable, dependable synchronization to your FileMaker Go solutions.)


      Pricing and Requirements


      GoMaps is $299 plus the required GoZync engine and licenses. (GoMaps requires a MoZync or ProZync license of GoZync for each device syncing. GoMaps comes pre-wired with GoZync and is ready to sync.)


      Learn more and purchase GoMaps here: Purchase GoMaps


      Maps for FileMaker Pro? ...Very Soon


      GoMaps only works in FileMaker Go. But soon we'll be releasing a version that delivers interactive maps in FileMaker Pro as well.


      "ProMaps" and GoMaps will work great together, linked to the same data in your soution.


      Stay tuned.