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    Object States in List View


      I have several solutions where I have used the "Hover" state with great success to give users an idea of which record their cursor is on before clicking to select it. As the user moves his/her cursor over the records in a list, the color changes as expected, giving the user interactive feedback - the whole point of "hover", IMO. In a new solution I started yesterday, I tried to emply the Hover state to achieve the same results, and have found (I think) an interesting "gotcha": Hover state (haven't tested the others) only appears to be honored on the currently active record when employed in a List view. Specifically, here's what I'm seeing:


      1. Make a List View Layout.

      2. Apply a hover state that changes the background color when the cursor passes over a field object

      3. Switch to browse mode.

      4. Note that the background color of the object changes only on the currently active record


      What I realized after I discovered this was that, in all other cases where I have highlighted the row as the cursor goes by, I have done so in portals. A portal, of course, is part of the active record, so the object state rules seem to apply evenly to all objects on the layout. To further the experiment:


      1. Make a Form View Layout

      2. Add a portal of related records

      3. Apply a hover state to any field in the portal

      4. Switch to browse mode

      5. When you roll over the portal field with the Hover, the color changes as expected from row to row


      So, my question is: am I missing something? Is the "hover" state expected to work from record to record in a list view, regardless of record focus, or should I only expect interactive object states like Hover to work on the currently active record? Given the lack of other posts on this topic, I suspect I'm the only one who missed the memo on this item, but I'm hoping not.


      For those interested: FMPA 12.0v3 on Windows 7.





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          I just found a workaround.  I post here to save someone else my public embarrassment. 


          1. Make a List View Layout

          2. Add a MERGE FIELD

          3. Apply a button action to that merge field

          4. Create a hover state on the merge field

          5. Switch to browse mode

          6. Roll your cursor over the field to see it change, regardless of record focus.


          Not sure why this doesn't work with regular fields (yes, the field is shut off from entry in Browse mode, and has a button action applied to it), and does work with a Merge Field, but that fact is immaterial to my solution.