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    Problem with View>Show Sample Data!


      I have a large, single file fm 12 db that always defaults to show Sample Data. It's really starting to bug me now. Everytime I enter layout mode on a new window, I see data. Yes, I can easily go to View>Show>Sample Data and deselect it, but I would like to know why/how this only happens in this file, and is there a way to change the default for this?



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          Is this a hosted solution? I believe hosted solutions remember the settings from the last time they'd been opened directly in the client, and that that whole section of the View > menu is like that. I share your misery, especially as I've found this problem can persist as you open additional windows with layout view. Short of unhosting and re-hosting - which can bring along its own share of other issues - I am now in the habit of going directly to layout view, setting the grids, badges, etc. to my liking in one window before progressing with any more serious work.


          I've been meaning to request an area on the Inspector to take care of all this with single clicks instead so many drags. Would love it if someone had better news!


          Debi Rubel

          FullCity Consulting

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            This work for me!