How to optimize a GUI with Jpegs for both Mac and PC?

Discussion created by DEC on May 3, 2013
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Hi Everybody,


I developed a solution for a mixed Mac/Windows network, and have encountered an interesting problem.


I designed the solution so that it fits neatly within the borders of a 13" Apple Airbook laptop, the default native resolution of which is 1440 x 980.


I've found that two users are unable to view the entire GUI on their monitors. The effect is as if they're operating at a low resolution (i.e., the GUI has ballooned in size and they have to scroll up and down to access its controls), but I checked their monitors, and they're set at 1440 x 980. The monitors are older Viewsonic models (that coincidently show a really horrible and washed out image, besides).


The Apple computers in the office can view the entire GUI just fine; haven't had an opportunity to examine the few Windows users who have larger and better quality monitors, but I opened the database remotely from a Windows machine with a decent monitor and it looks great.


Anyone have any idea what's going on?


Also, where you're designing a database for a mixed platform environment where some of the users are using ancient and crappy monitors, what do you do, other than advise them to upgrade their monitors?


Lastly, what's a good policy with respect to GUI dimensions where your GUI is largely comprised of custom jpeg images? I often wonder what the result will be when computer resolution starts to get really intense... I imagine the GUIs will grow smaller in size when users upgrade to monitors with extremely high res settings...


Thanks in advance!