GIFs linked into layouts in FMP don't show when hosted in FMServerAdvanced

Discussion created by GraemeC on May 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 5, 2013 by RubenVanDenBoogaard

A database consisting of numerous files (from the FMP5 era) has 22 GIF images linked into dozens of layouts to provide special purpose buttons, etc. But when I host this in FMServerAdvanced, the images don't show and I get the usual error message about "can't find file" in its place. Even after I copy all the GIFs across to the same folder on the server as the fmp12 files the images do not show.


I find that I can redo the insertion of the GIFs into the layouts and they will then show OK.


But many of the images are used in lots of layouts (that is why I chose to link them years ago).


Is there a way of making them appear without having to work over dozens of layouts inserting each image into the layouts?