The big leap from FileMaker to a web based solution...

Discussion created by PeterWindle on May 6, 2013
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Hello everyone.


I have mixed information regarding changing filemaker solutions to run so that users can access it via the web.


I'm interested in getting some 'real world' examples of changing a filemaker solution to become a backend to a solution accessed via a web browser.


I have a single user run time solution which I am looking to change. So, I would like some REAL WORLD information regarding the experiences relating to the following:


1. How capable is Filemaker server of handling multiple users? What is the best way to handle user accout access to the filemaker database?

2. What web environment is best to use ? php ...? What will give the closest user experience to a filemaker experience?

3. What are the major limitations, problems and challenges you would expect to experience?

4. Can anyone recommend someone to undertake this sort of task (pref Sydney)

5. Any other information relating to real world experiences undertaking such a challenge would be appreciated.