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Containers FM11 to 12 referenced files

Question asked by martinc on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by mikebeargie

We have recently updated our files to FM12. We use FMSA12 and most users are on XP XenApp citrix machines.


We use containers for images and documents that are Generally referenced. The files are on mapped drives but tend to be all over the place. Also some users install the actual files. If the file gets moved... I've created a few fields that tell me where the files are (or were) and other info:


image:HILPAL - Palmer Hill 09.25.11.jpg

imagewin:/Z:/Employees-Personnel/Photos employee linked to fm/HILPAL - Palmer Hill 09.25.11.jpg


Now that we are on 12 and have a 100GB on that server to play there a canned script to essentially move the location of these files to the FMSa? I'd be okay with creating a new container and then capturing the file location from the field above and using a script to push it into the server. I just have no clue how parse the info into an action.