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    FM12 database does not appear in ODBC connection


      Hi...I would like to use a FM12 DB as a data source but the dbs do not appear in the connection I create the System DSN data source. I get the ever-helpful "there was a problem connection to the Host" error message.


      I've gone through all of the documentation that I can find on the FM ODBC drivers and their setup, including this troubleshooting guide, and various FM Forums, Reddit and others but so far no love.


      The basic setup is below. I assume I've missed something but it is not jumping out at me.


      1. ODBC is enabled on the server.

      2. ODBC sharing was enabled on the test database prior to uploading to the server (see comment below).

      3. ODBC extended permissions are enabled for all users on the test database.

      4. Port 2388 is open

      5. Read/Write Permissions on the ExtensionsÛC directory are not restricted.


      Filemaker Server 12 Advanced (v12.02.232)

      Windows 2008 R2 64 bit

      Filemaker ODBC 64 bit driver 12.2.94


      The documentation notes that there should be a xDBC plugin located in the ExtensionsÛC directory. There is a xDBCListener app and support DLLs in that directory but no plugin. Is there a separate xDBC plugin?


      The test FM database is simple, with only two fields and one record. I enabled ODBC sharing on the database before uploading it to the server. When I log in to the database remotely on server, the ODBC sharing is turned off and grayed out I assume this is because the server is handling the ODBC connections rather than FMPro?


      The server is also running McAffee anti virus software. Could McAffee be blocking the ODBC connection?


      many thanks in advance.




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          Port is 2399, not 2388. Try that and see what happens.



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            HI Mike,


            Typo on my part in the post; opened port is is indeed 2399.

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              Okay, so the easy answer is out.      


              Let's look in more detail. To answer your question, the xDBC plug-in appears not to be needed any more (under Server 12). I checked one of our servers and it's not installed, yet ODBC sharing is working. The only reference I can find in the version 12 ODBC / JDBC guide (attached) is this:


                   "The ODBC and JDBC plug-in components you need for sharing your data with other applications are installed with FileMaker Server Advanced and FileMaker Pro." (page 8)


              which appears to be a carry-over from previous releases, since there's no reference to the path in which it's to be installed. There's no plug-in installed on the 12 servers we have here (at least that I can find), yet they can share via ODBC. (The Knowledge Base article you linked to applies to previous releases as well, which do need the plug-in; I checked our v11 servers, and they have it installed in the path predicted.) It is, however, installed in my 12 client, so that might be what the documentation is referring to.


              And yes, the "ODBC" option in the "Sharing" menu is supposed to be ghosted. It's only applicable if you're sharing the database peer-to-peer; the [fmxdbc] extended privilege controls access when sharing through Server:




              (But based on your original message, I think you already knew that.)


              So we need to dig a little deeper.


              1) Check your extended privileges again. Make sure the [fmxdbc] extended privilege is attached to at least one privilege set that is also attached to an active account. (That can trip you up.)


              2) Make sure that privilege set has at least View privileges to the database.


              3) In your DSN for the database, make sure you have the correct IP address or DNS name for the server.


              4) Make sure you have the name of the database correct (or use the pull-down in the DSN definition dialog).


              If that's all still OK, post again and we'll keep digging.



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                Hi Mike,


                All of that was setup correctly as per the setup guide and IP address was correct (was using local host anyway). I'd even got o the point where I disabled every service but the MS OS, Filemaker and Bonjour and nothing.


                Turns out the solution was simple: use the 32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator rather than the 64 bit version. I looked at that earlier but disgarded it becasue I was on a 64bit OS running a 64bit version of FM Server Advanced. Bad assumption on my part.

                Apparently, for FM12A,  incoming data connections require 32 bit when using FM as a data source via ODBC. For ESS, you would use 64 bit DNS for outgoing connections to an external  SQL source.




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                  Big thanks to Philip Schember at the FM Help desk for ideas and troubleshooting the problem.



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                    Ah. Sorry; I should have thought of that. Yes, Server is 64-bit. However,  the ODBC listener and related processes are still 32-bit. (I ran into that recently, trying to convince my Oracle support that I needed both the 32-bit and 64-bit drivers on the server.) 


                    Glad it's sorted.



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                      pcourterelle wrote:


                      ...Apparently, for FM12A,  incoming data connections require 32 bit when using FM as a data source via ODBC.



                      Hi Phil,


                      That's not quite right. FileMaker provides both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the FileMaker ODBC driver. The version to use depends on your client application (not the data source). For example, FileMaker Pro is a 32-bit appication and if you're using it as an ODBC client, you'll need a 32-bit driver and DSN. If your client application is 64-bit, you'll need a 64-bit driver and DSN, even if the ODBC host (data source) is 32-bit. FileMaker Server 12 Advanced's fmxdbc_listener.exe process is 64-bit (on a 64-bit version of Windows), but that has no impact on the version of the driver that is required.


                      FileMaker Server 12's ESS feature requires a 64-bit driver and DSN because the fmserver.exe process is 64-bit (when running on a 64-bit version of Windows). However, when running a scheduled script that uses the Import Records from ODBC script step with FileMaker Server 12, a 32-bit driver and DSN are required because the fmsase.exe process is 32-bit.


                      I hope that helps a little. It can be terribly confusing.



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                        Hi all,


                        I came across this discussion after raising a question in another post.


                        My setups are as follow:

                        FMS12, 64-bit Window server, installed and created a new System DSN using the 32-bit driver


                        My issue is the newly created DSN in 32-bit does not appear in the Import Record [ODBC] > Select ODBC Data Source window.

                        It is showing the DSN in my local PC though the file is hosted and developed remotely.


                        Please refer to my post for more info: https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/122822#122822



                        The issue has been resolved. I just need to name my DSN on the server exactly the same as the one on my desktop.

                        Credit to BowdenData. Refer to my post mentioned above for the detailed solution by BowdenData.