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Hello there members of TechNet,


As some of you may (or may not) have seen, I will be doing a session at this year's DevCon entitled "Calculations: TechNet Special". We ran a poll ( and it helped me formulate an idea of what I should cover.


I'm going to be talking about Calculation performance, and how using Case, Let, Evaluate, and ExecuteSQL can effect performance. I have a few good examples that I've collected over the years, but since this is supposed to be a TechNet special, I figured I'd reach out to the community at large for more examples.


I'm looking for two things:


1. Examples of calculations that you've optimized yourself and/or lessons you've learned over the years. It would be great if you had the before or after calculations, or the technique you're using to help with performance (script triggers, scheduled scripts, etc...). I'll already be covering examples like using Let to only calculate a segment once and using Case to short circuit a calculation, so if you have good examples of calculations you've fixed with those techniques, I'd love to see them.


2. Examples of calculations that you're currently having issues with and would like me to review. I can't promise that I'll provide insight to everyone that replies, but I'll try to give a glance at every example that is sent my way and help if I can. And if it works really well, then you will see your stuff promoted at DevCon during my session.


Thanks in advance to anyone that replies. I hope that we can all learn a little bit together. See you all at DevCon,


Matthew O'Dell

Technical Marketing Manager