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    Merge Fields (dates) are not wrapping properly


      Any suggestions for this poser?


      FMP v11


      We have a form letter which inserts a merge field (date) at the end of a paragraph. The paragraph often ends near the right hand edge of the text block. When that happens the date is not wrapped, the day and month are printed and the year is not printed.


      We have adjusted the text block size, that simply shifts the problem to a different set of records.



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          Can you calc a display field with GetAsText(date), and try it with that? Possibly it's treating the date format differently than a text string.


          Other things that strike me to try:

          1) Check to see what layer order the merge field is (IE on top vs. bottom)

          2) Try to make the date's merge field hangs at least one point below the end of the paragraph (force display?)

          3) Turn the text block into a calculated merge field as well, then have that field and the date chained together in a single display text box.

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            thanks for the suggestions.

            1. GetAsText() didn't work.
            2. Layer order wasn't significant
            3. n / a
            4. I think that we were already doing this. The text block contained text and merge fields.


            The solution was simple but at the same time awful. 


            We added two spaces to the end of the paragraph. In theory, only the spaces would need to wrap. In practice, if the spaces don't fit  it causes the date to wrap onto the next line.

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              we all do tweaks and hacks to make things fit sometimes.


              I'm kind of wondering if there's a non-breaking-space character that filemaker would respect. It sounds like you got what you needed though so I won't think too far into it!