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FileMaker Pro 12 advanced application shared by more then one machine , damaging consistently during development

Question asked by sivamca03 on May 7, 2013
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We are a team of FileMaker developers, devloping a FileMaker application in FileMaker Pro 12 advanced.

The Appliction containing several layouts and each layouts having more then 5 to 15 Tab controls.

There is a timer script running for every second ( Started on each Layout Enter and will be exit on each layout exit ).

We have shared the db on a machine, and more then 3 developers sharing the db for development.

During the development the application is damaging ( Losing layouts / Corrupted / Access privileges are damaged error message display) consistently.


We have tried the following solutions, but they are not worked

1. Hosted the db on FileMaker 12 Advanced Server.

2. Upgraded the FilMaker Client and Server.

3. Disabled anti virus.

4. Hosted the db in a Mac machine.

5. Tried with only windows XP Machines.

6. Tried with only 2 users.


Can any one please let me know the solution for this issue.


Thanks in advance.