Need help with Global fields and IWP

Discussion created by miketurton on May 7, 2013
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Hi there,


I have developed and am accessing a remotely hosted database via IWP and have just noticed an interesting issue for which I can not find a solution via the KB


When I updage the text in a global field, it seems to save for the current session for the current user. When I close out of the database and then relogin, it I notice that the value in that global field has reverted.


I have committed the records and even written a script to update the field but still it reverts.



Testing this with localhost, I see that when I change the value in either local or localhost(IWP) it does not change the other



How do I update the value of a global field in IWP and have that field retain the information for all users.


Thanks for your help in advance,


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