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Server Access Slowness & "Coffee Cups"

Question asked by user10625 on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by Hans

Hello all,



FMS 12, FMP 12 (v3-4)

Windows 7 - clients

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP 1

64-bit machine with quad-core processor, etc.

24GB RAM --- I think at leat 10GB allocated to FMS.

Hard drive is 1 TB, in RAID10 configuration.

appr. 30 users during working hours.



A couple of weeks ago, users on this system suddenly started seeing a lot of "coffee cups" (for a few seconds each), random "processing find" boxes, and so on. These happen in all different places/modules/areas in the system, not localized to one particular bit of functionality.


The database file(s) have their own inherent slowness issues to be sure, which we've been working on, but this was a sudden change in speed issues, above and beyond what people were used to, which we are pretty sure is not due to unstored calcs, complex graph, or any of the other usual suspects. And again, it doesn't seem to be particular to any one part of the system--happens on all different layouts, tables, etc.


As noted above, the server is tricked out with tons of RAM (I think I allocated 16GB or so, for about 7GB of database), has a good quality RAID10 hard drive with 1TB of space, it's 64-bit, etc. etc.


I recently had some users (including myself) log into a desktop (via terminal server) on the server itself, and then use the database by running FMP there (through Open Remote, of course--no bad behavior!). In those cases, they didn't see a single coffee cup or random find processing. I think this indicates that the issue does not lie in the solution, or on the server, itself, but in the LAN between users and server.


(Also, for 1 day, the users wrote down the times when they saw the "Coffee cups" or what-not. There seemed to be no correspondence between those times. . i.e. people did not all experience slow-downs at 1:14 PM, or whenever. Everyone had different reports.)


So . . .does anybody know of any problems with the LAN that one should check up on in such cases? Or any other ideas of things to look into?



Christopher Bailey


Boston, MA

Certified FM 12, 11, 10, 7