Open File with same Name from two different servers on one client and loose control

Discussion created by Norsult on May 7, 2013
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Something strange is happening in some (not all) of our test and client environments.


A solution (one file) is hosted on serveral servers, with slightly different versions of the FileMaker database file (same filename still) and off course completely different data.


When clients with a slow connection with high latency to one of the servers connect on a faster path to the another server, their data gets seemingly mixed (it appears so on screen); relationships seem to be gone, fieldlabels with programmed values disappear and even the scriptdebugger shows only parts of a script and then jumps out to exit a script without finishing.


After quitting FileMaker (Client), reloading the programm and connecting to only one server at the time, data seems to be intact except for the scripted process that went weird.


Has any of you seen something like this?

Any knowledge about FileMaker getting hickups with two files with the same name opened from distant, separate servers concurrently?


Just throw in your experiences. We do continue testing and tracking down the events and the participants to get a better understanding of what is going on.


Briefing to tech details: all clients various current MacOS Systems (Lion and Mountain Lion mixed) running FMP (A) 12.0v3

Servers: MacOS (Lion), MacOS (Mountain Lion) Windows Server 2008, some with FMS , some with FMSA, all Version 12.0v3


Thanks for your attention!