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Dropdown lists not always working in IWP?

Question asked by on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by steve_ssh

I have encountered a very strange situation where functinoality doesn't work in IWP.


Let me explain:


table "warranty"

table "complaintcodes"


Within the layout of table "warranty", I made a dropdown list with values defined from "warranty_COMPLAINTCODES".

This relation is defined by "warranty::_kp_language = complaincodes::_kf_language".


Since I don't want to show ALL Values, I only want to show the values which are

"include only related values started from :", where I selected "warranty"

See attached pic "fields for value list".

This limits the choice in the dropdown list from all values to only the values that are in the current language.

This works fine in Filemaker Adv 12.


HOWEVER, when trying this in IWP, the value list shows blank???

When taking the option "Include all values", it works fine in IWP.

See attached pic "IWP vs FMP".


So one would think that the option to limit the value lists (option "include only related values started from") does not work in IWP.

However, this is not true. I have used this option already in IWP solutions...


This is puzzling me !!!

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts and possible solutions.





PS : maybe usefull info : I have split set the solution up in the seperation model / one file only containing data, the second file containing the code and interface.