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installing FMS messes up JAVA

Question asked by user10625 on May 8, 2013
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Windows Server: 2008 R2.


I had this box with FMServerAdvanced running on it, all working just fine, I was able to use the Admin Console on the box, and so on.


I then went to re-install FMSA, because I am changing around the Web Publishing configuration and such.


Everything went fine, until it came time to do the Deployment Assistant. At this point, it was like the computer suddenly no longer understood what do do with a .JNLP file. So the Admin Console will not open.


I know I have seen this before, and contacted my IT colleagues and we worked it out . . I can't remember how.


Anybody know if there is a quick fix to this issue before I go through all of that again? I may as well get my head around what the issue is since it seems to happen every so often.



Christopher Bailey


Boston, MA