[ANN] MMScript 1.1.3 Released -- Idle Script Fixes / Maintenance Updates

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Fort Worth, TX, May 8, 2013 -- Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces MMScript 1.1.3, which fixes issues with Idle Script Events as well as core updates from other CNS Plug-ins. MMScript is available immediately at for both Mac OS(R) X and Windows(R).





MMScript is a "Mighty Mini" plug-in for triggering and scheduling scripts. With this plug-in, you can create any number of "Script Events" for running scripts immediately, at any point in the future, or repeatedly on any interval.  The plug-in also allows you to call a script when the user has been idle for any specified amount of time.


MMScript also has the ability to do shell scripting.  With the ShellExecute function, you can run any unix commands on Mac OS(R) X or any DOS commands on Windows(R).  This opens up many possibilities like file manipulation, system information gathering, text processing, and more.  Anything you can run in the shell can be run with this function and the results will be returned to you for further processing within Filemaker Pro(R).



What's New


- Fixed issues with determining user idleness under FM11+.

- Fixed issues with Auto Update/Install Plug-in not completing successfully.

- Changed the internal script priority of Idle Script Events to fix issues with short idle times as well as allow Idle Script Events to interrupted paused scripts.

- Imported all core updates from other CNS Plug-ins.



Pricing and Availability


MMScript is available immediately at for both Mac OS(R) X and Windows(R). You can download a full-working Demo copy of the plug-in to test it out before purchasing.


A 1-User License of MMScript is $35.  You can find a purchase link on the website. There are several other price points and information for Educational/Non-Profit institutions on the purchase page for the plug-in.


If you own an existing license for MMScript 1.0.x, this is a free upgrade.  However, you will need a new License Key for this version.  When you first run MMScript 1.1.x, it will prompt you to upgrade from your MMScript 1.0.x registration.  This process will notify us to send you a new License Key and will also install a temporary Demo License Key.  You may also contact to request a new License Key.  Please include all relevant information, such as original purchase contact name, address, and email address to help us locate your existing customer information.


If you have already purchased an MMScript 1.1.x license, this upgrade is completely free.  All you need to do is download the latest version and install it.  It will import your current registration and settings.


All prices subject to change without notice.


Review copies for article write-ups available upon request. Please contact us at if you are interested in reviewing the plug-in.





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