Urrrgggg !! All messed up with the concept of FileMaker.

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Okay, I'm new to FileMaker and my head is pretty much messed up with understanding the concept of FileMaker.


My client loves this software and wants to use it for his business website - just because his friend is using it.

He has no local server but a web hosting server only. He knows what MySQL is and what this is for but strongly

wanna go with FileMaker cuz he is worried about web hosting company's server down issues.


Literally, I've got tons of questions to ask after digging into this File Maker thing for hours..... D: and here are some of big ones...

(Let's assume we never talk about FileMaker Server here. Since he has no local server, that's just out of scope for my project.)



1. As far as I know, FileMaker Pro is a DBMS software, not a DB Server. Is that correct?


2. Can DB created by FileMaker Pro installed on the web hosting server? What are the options for installing it?

ex) integrating it with MySQL / using dbf file / etc...


3. Can DB created by FileMaker Pro syncronized with MySQL DB on a webhosting company's server?


4. Can DB created by FileMaker Pro remotely controlled and syncronized by FileMaker?


5. Can PHP access to DB file created by FileMaker Pro?


6. Say you're a web developer and you have to build a website using DB done by FileMaker and avoid MySQL server.

How will you approach to this with FileMaker Pro? I'm so confused and need some guidance to launch off this project :S