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How do I set up a portal layout to print one or multiple pages depending of the final number of records?

Question asked by kaiviti on May 8, 2013
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I have a solution that determines the number of people that will be requiring meals on a daily basis. This is worked out by entering arrival and departure times in a normal file and then using a portal to display those that meet the criteria for a particular day. Sometimes, this number can be only one or two and other times it can be 10 - 15. The portal part is easy to set up for any number by using a scrol bar but the printing part is the problem. If I set the portal to 10 rows it will only print out one page and drops the rest. If I set the portal to 20 rows it prints out two pages but the second page may not contain any data if the rows have not been populated. Also, it splits the rows unless they have been sized to fit exactly onto a page.


I do not want to print out more pages than necesary but I also want to have printouts that cover more than one page to have the same header and to split the rows so that they are not cropped. Can someone help me set this up correctly please?