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    Re-download FMP advanced 12




      I bought a FMP advanced license and had to delete and reinstall it. Where can I download the FMP advanced 12 version? The update version doesn't work as I upgraded from a 11-Version before and have no base version installed anymore (deleted). Thanks for a short hint

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          If you downloaded it, you might still have the installer in your downloads folder.


          You would have been sent an email with a download link. This might no longer be available so you might have to contact FMI direct.


          There are only updaters available for standard downloading.


          - Lyndsay

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            Hi Lyndsey,


            thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately I do not have it in my download folder anymore. So I guess I have to contact FM. But even this seems to be a challange...cannot find any appropriate e-mail address ;-) So I will search for it..


            Thanks and cheers,



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              Hi Lyndsay,


              thanks for your response. Unfortunately it is not really helping me. As I said, I bought FM pro 11 and upgraded to FM Pro Advanced. Trying to find any statement or link to re-download on the FM site is impossible. Called the Customer care but they did not know… ;-(


              So to whom can I talk or write to get a clear instruction what I can do as a regular customer of two FM products to get it re-installed? Please help me somehow….




              Stefan Fillibeck

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                You can request replacement software here: https://store.filemaker.com/US/ENG/RTL/product/view/group/MED


                You'll need your license codes.



                EDIT: I'm surprised you didn't have much luck with FM Customer Support.  They've always been great when I've called.  I had this similar issue a year or so ago because my computer HD crashed.  I still had my original email with the download (though not a valid link anymore).  They sent me a new one for FM12 because it was recent and then I purchased (through the link above) a FM11 download, which is only $5.  I've since learned my lesson and keep the installers and license keys on external storage.


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                EDIT2:  Sorry for multiple edits, but I thought it was cleaner than responding to my own post.  If you have your FM11 license key, then you can install the updater for FM12.  During FM12 installation if it can't find FM11 it will ask for a valid key.  Enter that in and you're good to go.


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