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Sending a request for a quote with text and images as a form that suppliers can edit?

Question asked by MartinBridges on May 9, 2013
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Afternoon All


I have a brief to 'email a quote request form'. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy I thought, but then the client got involved. See image attached of the FM form. It contains text and images.


What they have been doing to date is compiling an Excel spreadsheet. Formatted to look like a form. They insert the images in a cell amongst the text. They then manually email ONE Excel file and get it returned in the same format they have sent it in. All filled in.


1. I can use 2 script steps, ie 'save records as pdf' (save it to the desktop) and then use the script step 'send mail' which automatically sets the email address, subject line and general text in the body etc and attaches the pdf. That's an improvement on Excel... but not good enough for the client as the recipient hasn't a form to fill in. So has to manually copy the text into a form that they create.


2. If I use the script step 'Save records as Excel' it exports ALL fields in the table. Most of which are not needed. So no good.


3. If I 'export records' I can limit the fields that are exported. And you get a xls/xlsx table that can be filled in. Great. BUT... it's as a table rather than a form (which they don't like), and of course you can't export container fields with the images in.


4. I then suggested compiling a script that produces a pdf of the form with the images, AND an xls table of the info, THAT when the script step 'send mail' is reached (which auto enters all the stuff they want in a covering email)... it then auto attaches the 2 files on their desktop... solution!...


Guess what? They were disappointed that FileMaker was more complex than Excel to use!

And they still didn't like the table format or the separate images.


Any suggestions?