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    Vertical Lines In Body Parts


      In laying out a document set (Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, Purchase Orders etc.) for a client they have a strong perfernce for vertical lines separating the "colomns" of data; essentially lines that run verically across the body part. Is there a trick to make this work properly? Each attempt ends up with a break in the line between body records, or the line extends too far beyond the last body record and into the subsummary that follows.


      Any suggestions here would be greatly apprecaited. There must be a way to do this and have it look pixel perfect.

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          Make sure you're dealing in points and not inches in layout mode.


          Set your body to a specific pt height, make the line match that height (in the inspector). Then align it at the top. I've done this before without issue. It helps a lot to zoom in and make sure it's aligned at the top of the body object correctly.

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            Hi Mike


            I do exactly as you say - the body height is 81 - top at 320. I place a vertical shrinking line 81 in height with the top at 320. Does not shrink?

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              You can achieve the same affect by selecting each field (I assume you are talking about a List view), then use the Inspector to add a border to one side (left or right) of each field. Make sure the fields are the same height and are tall enough to fill the body part so that there are no gaps between records. In Browse mode you should see perfectly aligned vertical "lines."


              Al Quimby

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                Hi Al


                Where you have the same amount of data in each field, then this works fine.


                When you have, for example, a passenger field which might have ten names, but the date and car number only have one line, the lines on either side of the passenger field extend vertically correctly, but the lines on the date and car number only extend the one line of the data - thus leaving unsightly gaps in the report.

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                       Without seeing your data, it is hard to be specific, but the attached was done in FM12. I added lines to the bottom of each field also. In Layout Setup, be sure that "Delineate fields on current record only" is unchecked. Do not choose sliding up for printing. You will see that in both Browse and Preview the right lines extend the height of the field, regardless of the number of lines of data in the field.


                  Al Quimby

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                    Thanks very much for the sample file. I should have been more clear - apologies. I want the parts to shrink - most records only have one line in them - occasionally there will be up to 10 names, so the body part needs to be deep, but shrinking is needed to save on paper.





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                           Reading between the lines, it appears you are keeping everything in one table. If that is the case, in the attached I have added a calculation that puts your Passengers on one line by substituting a comma and space for each carriage return in the Passenger field. There are 2 layouts, Data Entry and List. The List has the Passenger calculation and you should be able to make all 3 fields the same height and slide up if necessary. But since all List fields are the same height, your lines should have no wasted space. You may have to make the List layout landscape instead of portrait, shorten the Date and CarNo. fields, reduce the font size, etc., but you should be able to get all passengers on one line.


                      Al Quimby

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                        Hi Dubl


                        There is a way to make this report work the way you want, but it is a bit awkward to set up.


                        From your previous posts, it seems that the list of Passenger Names is the field that will always be the one that determines the height of each record. So you have to use this field to draw all the vertical lines.


                        Start by making a copy of this field on your layout (set to slide up as before) and set the text colour to white (or maybe transparent). Now turn on the border on the left hand edge of this field. Important - Do not adjust the size of this field in any way.  Now place this field behind one of the other fields on your layout, so their left hand edges line up. Turn off any borders on the second field.


                        When you preview this, you will have a vertical line of the correct height next to the field that previously did not reach down to the bottom of the record.


                        Duplicate this field and repeat this for all other fields. At the right hand edge of your report, you will probably have to turn on the border for just the right hand edge of the names field copy, so as to get a line near the right margin.


                        It can get difficult to select and move these field later, but by sending them to the back, they will be behind the fields which display the actual data.


                        The page in layout mode will look like a 'Dog's Dinner' but the printed report will be exactly what you are looking for!


                        Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.

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                          Thanks Alan, Al and Mark for the replies, the time and the sample files.


                          LaRetta in fact got it working the way it was intended - with the correct vertical line shrinking.


                          If the vertical lines extend PAST the bottom of the body just 1 or 2 px, then it all works fine. No need to create shadow fields behind or other calculations. If you move the verticals to be in line with the bottom of the body - broken!!!


                          LaRetta does it AGAIN!!!



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                            btw folks - here's a link to LaRetta's post that explains the hows, why's and wherefore's of vertical line sliding!