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Difference between two variables

Question asked by strngr12 on May 9, 2013
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I need to be able to run the contents of a field through a filter that strips out characters that are illegal in a 3rd party xml and return a dialogure that tells the user what the bad character is. Right now what I am doing is setting a variable $variableBefore = Count ( field ) the I run it through a filter that contains all acceptable characters. I then take the results of that filter and set a variable $variableAfter = Count ( ScriptResult ). Then I ask, if $variableBefore > $variableAfter Custom Dialoge [ There is an illegal Charater... blah, blah, blah ] I want to compare:


$variableBefore & $variableAfter


So I can see what the difference is so i ca alert the user as to what the bad character is.


Can anyone help?