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Print Setup/Print under Separation Model

Question asked by deanchampeau on May 10, 2013
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I'm building my first solution that's not for inhouse use... It will be replacing an aging vertical-market app that's being used by a company across town. I want to build the solution using the separation model. I'd like all my Print Setup and Print script steps use the "Perform without dialog" option. I use Filemaker on a Mac, but my client uses Windows machines, so I was prepared to specify all the Print Setup and Print script steps when I do the initial install at their site. But it occurs to me that since my file with all the business logic (as opposed to the data file) is also the file that contains all the printable reports and all the scripts. Therefore, if and when they ask for a "tweak" to the solution, when I email them an updated file for the business logic, they will no longer have the correct Print Setup and Print specifications. Anyone have a way to address this issue? I'm thinking I'm either going to have to give up my dream of using "Perform without dialog" or buy a Windows machine so my print specs will travel well with the business-logic file. Any ideas?