filemaker go and filemaker server

Discussion created by fmk4 on May 12, 2013
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I need to deploy a FM application thru FM Go on iOS devices.


The application needs to check for stocks and if stocks are available, booked the unit and print out receipt.




1. Can FM Go be setup such that it will always check for stock availability (online) to the FM Server and if stocks are available, confirmed, booked and print receipt?

2. Does the FM Go store any data on the iOS devices? It will be good if the user can check for his confirmed order while offline

3. FM Server can support upto 250 client, I suppose each FM Go is one client connection?

4. Based on the maximum 250 users, can we stick with one server setup or preferably to multi server setup?

5. Is it recommended to go for enterprise DB such as MSSQL for the backend or stick to FM Server DB?


Thanks Guys!