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    IWP Failure (FM Server ADV 12v4)


      Good day,


      Today our IWP stopped working (overnight) yet no warning received from the FM Server error services, the Web engine was still running on the FM Admin Console, we also run a 'PHP' version simultaneously.



      Windows Server 2008 R2

      FM Server Advanced 12v4

      IIS 7


      After a few hours of various tests resulting to nothing, we open the IIS server and 'turned on' Trace Failed Request. It restored the IWP instantly.


      Anyone has an idea why this would cause IWP to faile?


      Regards, MSB

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          Earlier versions were a bit unreliable when you are peaking at 100 connected users. Everything else apparently working except the WPE.


          I haven't seen this in 12 although I don't have live sites with my 12 server.


          - Lyndsay

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            I have had quite a number of experiences with IWP stopping with no obvious explanation on many different FileMaker servers.  Some of it has to do with the complexity of dealing with a 3rd party application web service (IIS or Apache).  Regardless, I have come to realize it is not the most stable production solution and one reason why I do not normally recommend clients use IWP for a primary solution.  It is great for client access over the web and lesser duty tasks, but it is not an elegant solution like the FMP app. 


            I have many of my client machines setup to just send me an email when IWP goes down and I rarely spend time looking for the reason anymore.  I just stop IWP and restart it and it usually gets going again with little explanation of why in the log files.  At least it is easy to stop and restart in the admin console. 

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              +1 to Taylor's comment.


              I gave up trying to find the cause of IWP falling over awhile back although we rely on it for some solutions and have some scripts in place to poke it back to life if it throws an actual, event log error.


              We're running on Win2K8 R2 / IIS / FMSA12v4 and tried everything we could think of including a complete server reinstall to no avail.

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                Thank you for the update and suggestion.


                I have opted to use PHP to replace IWP (this project has been ongoing for over a year now) and we finally go a exact replicate of the IWP file that can be accessed via PHP, and will drop permanently IWP.  The PHP is more elegant, user friendly and performs faster and appears to 'not' be affected by IWP WPE engine failure.  When IWP fails, PHP still runs.


                The only intermittent issue we have experienced is on log in, and the error 'unable to open database' prevent user from loging in.  Yet, if you wait a few minutes it restores itself and works fine.  Any comment on this are appreciated, we use the default PHP version installed by FM and IIS web server.


                Regards, M

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                  Any chance you could shre the scripts you have in place to poke IWP back into place?   We have been manually restarting, but that's only when annoyed users report to us that they cannot access the database through IWP.   Thank you.

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                    Actually I did not do this part, and we just moved to a Mac Server and do not use the script.


                    I will see if I can dig it up.


                    Regards, M

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                      For IWP crashes on Windows we use a task schedule that runs on an event (log: Application - source: FileMaker Server 12 - eventID: 701), and the script it triggers is just a batch file with the single line: - 


                      "C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server\fmsadmin.exe" start wpe


                      If you are just getting IWP errors, the above will probably be all you need.  If you are on Mac, you could use a LaunchD job to monitor the FM logs and a similar shell script to restart WPE.



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                        Greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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                          Great, easier that way.  I believe what was done is very similar to what you suggested, we moved to Mac Server so I will follow your suggestion, we still have... few IWP users. 


                          However, since moving to Mac I have noticed a improvement and did not experienced issues yet with IWP.



                          Regards, M