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    FMserver11 Cannot See Hosted Files


      Greetings >


      I have installed FMserver 11 on a Win2008 virtual machine... install and deploy went fine, except for the Java update but went fine, did not deploy IWP, AdminConsole started fine with all green light... but remote access does not see the FMServer_Example file...??? Am I missing something?


      Subsequent attempts to uninstall/reinstall result in errors with a .cab file or the DeploymentAssistant times out and quits... again, am I missing something? Strickes me as something simple?




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          There are many factors that can prevent the file from showing up:


          - is the 2008 firewall on?

          - does the VM have an IP address in the same subnet as the client that you are using?

          - did any of the "technology tests" from the admin start page work?


          Uninstalling and re-installing is a last-ditch approach after going through some of the above.  When you do uninstall and re-install: make sure to reboot after each step.

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            Thanks for the reply Wim >


            I eventually set the firewall with all ports open but no go

            I was trying to reach the server remotely using FMgo...

            We only had the web server engine deployed, no IWP or ODBC/JDBC so did not notice 'tech tests' on the start page... now I can't even get to the start page... BTW  Where is the Deployment Assistant located? Once the deployment failed there was no way to get it to try again... refreshing the browser url did not work.

            Should IWP be deployed regardless if not used?

            Also the Bonjour installer came up and ran it... is this O.K., ie 32bit vs 64bit server?




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              Wim >


              Additionally, I did a lot of rebooting along the way...