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Using FMS and CWP for file submission?

Question asked by flybynight on May 14, 2013
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I'll start out by saying … I'm not a web guy.


Our company is looking to replace/update our process for clients to submit files and info for jobs. Currently, it's pretty 90s tech - info is usually submitted via email and files are either sent as attachments for smaller files, or uploaded to our FTP server for larger files.


They are talking about a couple of projects, that I think could end up being 1 thing.


Part 1 is a replacement of the FTP with a web page form where people can submit the specs of their job, and upload a file(s).

I'm wondering if this would be a good fit for FMS and CWP? File submission would go to a container field, I assume? And that could be accessed by us on the internal net, either via the external storage folder, or accessing the database internally with FMP. We would also want it to send a notification email when someone submitted the form (added a record?).

One factor to consider is that some files can get very large (1Gb or more), but most are in the 10-100Mb range.


Or would it be better to just do this with web tech and not bother with FileMaker?


Part 2 may influence that decision.

In addition to an "anonymous" form, we would also like certain high-profile clients to have their own log-in. Once in, they would still be able to use the same (or similar) job submission form… but they would also be able to see current inventory levels for items that we store and fulfill, see a list of common re-order items and possibly a list of all orders within the last X months. That page could tie into our job ticketing/tracking solution, which is in FMP.


So the web structure would look something like this…


Landing page off of the the main home page navigation with these options:

Submit a job --or-- Client Login

First option leads to the "Part 1" page, as described above. Which client logs in would determine who gets the notification (which salesman/CSR/etc).

Second option leads to a page with these options:

Submit a job -- View/Order from Inventory -- Reorders -- Order History



So, my main questions are:

A- Is this a good fit for FMS and CWP?

2- Any idea what sort of costs/time we are looking at to partner with a PHP developer to help me with the web side of things?


Just exploring if this is an option for now.

There are plenty of commercial solutions out there, but they get very expensive on an ongoing monthly basis. I'm thinking that we would rather pay up front to develop a solution that we own and have more control over.


Thanks for any guidance!