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Set up a seperate UI-file for IWP, or is IWP safe in the main UI-file?

Question asked by on May 14, 2013
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I've built op a solution, using the seperation model.


I have 3 files :

  • 2 files with tables (one with own data, one with data that will be imported regularily from an external ORACLE database)
  • 1 file with the UI, aka the code-file


I will be using the possibility of IWP, where some selected customers can acces some data of the solution, and make some inputs.


Kindly advise (and if possible explain why) if I I should:

  1. create the IWP UI layouts within the code-file, and thus have the customers connect to the UI file (easiest ; and hopefully okay)
  2. a forth file that would be the IWP host, hence avoiding customers to connect to my main code-file


Main reason to go for the fourth file is security reasons / avoiding that externals would have "access" (even over IWP) to the code-file.

Is the FM IWP safe enough ?


Thanks for your advice !