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While in Preview mode in script, user can see page one only, arrow is disabled

Question asked by RichardBurton on May 14, 2013
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Hello All,


I've never seen this before and cannot find a solution to the problem. This is a server and multi-user situation. In running a simple report that is multiple pages, I take the user into Preview mode with a pause, so they normally can use the forward and back arrows to navigate the multiple pages of the report to view before continuing with the script and printing if they want. For some unknown reason, the user can now see page one only in Preview and the forward and back arrows are greyed out and non functional. The script is being run with the "Full Privileges" checkbox checked. So one would not think it was a privilege issue.


I think it may have been caused by my logging in as the user with a "Relogin" script to test part of the solution as the user, because it happend once before and I was somehow able to get it working again correctly for the user, it seemed, by reloging in as the user either while they were still logged in or not. Currently, I cannot make any difference by using the "Relogin" script whether the user is currently logged in or not. By the way, the "Relogin" script is nothing but the one "Relogin" script step. I just made it a script for my menu for convenience when developing. If I use the relogin script to go in as them, I can run this script and see the multiple pages. But if I quit the database and log in as them when opening the database, I can see only the first page in the report.


The reports have been working fine for the users for a long time, so I know the scripting and their privilege sets are OK. I do have a custom menu for them, but I can't see anything there that would affect that Preview mode.


Has anyone see this behavior before and have a clue for me? Any help appreciated.



Richard Burton