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    snapshot links...


      Is it possible to use snapshot links to reference a specific container field. For example: I would like to create a button in filemaker that would when clicked create a snapshot link and email it to the user's iphone. The link then clicked in mail from the iphone would open go and point to a container field awaiting a signature. These captured signatures would then need to be visible on the document. Can this be done in Filemaker/FmGo? I am aware that signatures can be captured from within a web browser, I just don't know the best way...

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          The snapshot link will find a record or set of records. There are problems with securing the file because the user would have to log on or be auto admitted as a guest. You need to make sure that the snapshot captures the full and permanent network path of your server. There are also problems with these links in terms of their permanence.


          Theoretically, though, I think it is possible. If it goes to a layout where the only visible field is the signature field which becomes active when you go to that layout. You could use layout-based script triggers.



          - Lyndsay

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