help needed in some areas in my database...

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I am Zaid Saeed, I used filemaker in 1999 for my Cds backup database to find old projects, My company still using that bcz its so easy.


Now after several years i am creating another database for our internal and external work like 'CDM'.and FMP looks so different to me now and took lot of months to create that software.



I have createated so many things in that file, like: Staff database, Tariff, Clients data, To do list. Calendar, Estimates, Projects & Invoices etc.


My problems starts from here:


1, I want to select two person from staff in "to do list". "one will be a designer and other one is CServicing person)

(currently happening is when i select one field in browsing mode the next field select the same automatically ) looks like they are coming from same link.


2, I want to assign jobs by managers to staff can anyone give me an Idea how can i do that? I am totally stuck here...

( I have already done a portal under the staff entries)


3, I also want to send a email alert when a staff gets a job.



I willl be very thankful to you, If you can come up with a solution, and thanks for the reading.