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    help needed in some areas in my database...




      I am Zaid Saeed, I used filemaker in 1999 for my Cds backup database to find old projects, My company still using that bcz its so easy.


      Now after several years i am creating another database for our internal and external work like 'CDM'.and FMP looks so different to me now and took lot of months to create that software.



      I have createated so many things in that file, like: Staff database, Tariff, Clients data, To do list. Calendar, Estimates, Projects & Invoices etc.


      My problems starts from here:


      1, I want to select two person from staff in "to do list". "one will be a designer and other one is CServicing person)

      (currently happening is when i select one field in browsing mode the next field select the same automatically ) looks like they are coming from same link.


      2, I want to assign jobs by managers to staff can anyone give me an Idea how can i do that? I am totally stuck here...

      ( I have already done a portal under the staff entries)


      3, I also want to send a email alert when a staff gets a job.



      I willl be very thankful to you, If you can come up with a solution, and thanks for the reading.

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          Hi Zaid, and welcome to technet,


          Hopefully we can get you started in the right direction, but if it's a mission critical application, you might want to hire a consultant for a few hours to help you along. You can find them all over, Elance.com is a popular place.


          That being said, here's some recommendations based on your numbered points above.


          1,  This sounds like you have your relationships set up wrong. In your jobs table, you should have two foreign keys that reference the staff table, one for designer, and one for CS servicing person. You need to relate these two keys to two instances of the staff table, so you can display the related staff person for each position. Then you need a drop down or popup menu of staff, based on two fields (primary key from staff, and staff name), this way when you select a staff member for one of the two key fields in the job table, it stores a foreign key reference to that staff person.


          2, this can follow the same relation structure as above. You would just change the foreign key reference to a different person in the staff list. In the staff list you can store a field that denotes whether someone is a manager or not.


          3, Filemaker has had "script triggers" for a few versions now. What you could do here is add a trigger to the job assignment field from step 2, and whenever the value changes, run a script that gets the related staff table email address for the new assignment, and run the "send mail" script step, which you can set to send a preformatted email to a designated email address.


          These are only basic statements, as I said, you could probably benefit greatly from getting the assistance of a consultant, or taking some up to date filemaker training. Filemaker has indeed changed dramatically in 14 years, and even the past two years.

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            thanks a lot for your help i think I can do it myself by following your directions. I actually was lost in the scripts now i am back to the track.